Frequently asked questions, Instructions & General notes

Yes, this site is exclusive for the Muslim Community – to search and find a match.

By maintaining religious, traditional, cultural beliefs,  their limitations & privacy.

Soon, we may also developed a separate matrimonial portal, catering to other communities.

This platform is to help everyone to find a suitable matrimonial match for Self, Daughter, Son, Brother, Sister, Single, Married, Divorced, Separated and Widowed.

The verified badge on Jodi Mubaarak, lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

Look for the verified badge on your profile photo. All verified accounts have the badge/ribbon next to display picture.Jodi Mubaarak verified through member ID such as Driver License, Adhar Card, Passport, Etc.

Yes, as part of our policy, verified badges may be automatically removed from inactive and incomplete accounts details means Jodi Mubaarak don’t authenticate you as genuine.

Fees are charged based on the appropriate Membership level in Australian Currency and Indian Currency conversion rate – allowing access and all features for 3, 6 and 12 months respectively.

Fee many change subject to currency conversion and value.

Jodi Mubaarak charge membership subscription to maintain on-going cost and taxes but Jodi Mubaarak does not charge any fee for pre or settlement.

As Jodi Mubaarak, aim to support community at the lowest cost but not to run as business.

Once paid, the membership fee shall not be refunded under any circumstance whatsoever. That is members responsibility to decide before joining or change of mind.

Please follow the simple steps to setup your login profile:

  1. First you “Sign Up”.
  2. Select the “Membership Level” Subscription of your choice.
  3. Pay for the plan using Paypal.
  4. Once you logged in, Click on the Profile tab
  5. Once you see your login profile, Click to EDIT under profile to update the details: Base Profile, Myself Summary, Looking for, Life style, Physical once done, Click to “SAVE”
  6. Go to settings, Select “Profile Visibility”, to Enable or Disable your information visibility to others. Once done click to “SAVE”.

If you do not receive emails from Jodi Mubaarak, please make sure to check your SPAM folder or you can add as a safe sender.

Jodi Mubaarak are highly professional, understand, maintain & secure members information with utmost respect and strictly maintained the privacy of their members information (such as Personal details in profile, Email, Phone, Photo, Photo Identification, Etc) and We do not disclose or share your details with anyone outside (such as any 3rd party company).

Members are able to commence discussion and exchange information between themselves (between members) via the secure Private Messaging platform or through their secure personal emails.

Jodi Mubaarak makes no representations or hold any responsibility regarding the accuracy of information exchanged between members.

Its members responsibility to exchange information and verification before finalizing the marriage settlement.

Jodi Mubaarak is not a marriage broker firm nor a agent who act on your behalf during selection or settlement of marriage.

Please note that Jodi Mubaarak is a portal and has No Agent, No Broker, No 3rd Party Mediator and No Branch, to act on behalf of the enlisted members.

Any disagreement or dispute should be resolved among the concerned parties themselves.

Jodi Mubaarak has well-wishers and members, across India, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other parts of the world to promote.

Please click on the Contact link to send us your questions, comments and feedback.

At Jodi Mubaarak, we strive to offer a smooth and simple website experience. Due to technological implications, sometimes you may encounter errors or reduced speed. Please email us if you are experiencing any website access issues.

  • Please note:  It is mandatory to upload your Profile Photo and email us (
    any form of your photo-identification/Photo ID such as Driver License to verify you as authentic user then marked you as our “Verified Member“. This is to ensure online safety guidelines. If we don’t received the above details within a week of your account creation and before we approve your access, we will then close your account, even if you are a paid member. As we need to maintain all members privacy and keep their account secure.
  • Please note:  Jodi Mubaarak is an online portal and has No Agent, No Broker, No 3rd Party Mediator and No Branch, to act on behalf of the enlisted members.
  • Each profile you find on Jodi Mubaarak is the resultant consequence of a process and procedure, which is expected to be adhered by our members with due diligence.
  • Jodi Mubaarak does not engage in any matchmaking whatsoever company/agency, Jodi Mubaarak shall not be held responsible in any way for the character and integrity of a person whose profile is found on this site.
  • Jodi Mubaarak makes no representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any detail of a person/member found on this portal, and is not responsible for any misdemeanor caused by any 3rd party.
  • Jodi Mubaarak does not guarantee the accuracy of any profile’s background within the portals membership areas.

Watch videos to help you create and maintain your profile

1. Creating and Activating your Account
2. Updating and Completing your Profile

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information. Thank You



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